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Aaron P.

I’m writing this review from my comfy couch in my amazing new home thinking about how I wouldn’t even be here without Craig and Justin Ratowsky. Sounds like an exaggeration but I honestly don’t believe any other Realtors® would’ve gone to the lengths they did to help me and my family purchase this home. From the moment we started working with them Justin was on top of every new listing in our desired neighborhood. They know Huntington Beach like the back of their hands (Craig’s been working in the area for decades) but they’re familiar with all of Orange County and helped us define our search area in Old Town Orange. He pretty much dropped whatever he was doing to show us houses, sometimes before they were even on the MLS. When we finally found our perfect house they coached us through the offer process and eventually the stressful counter offers and final offers. Trying to buy a house right now in this market is intense with every decent house getting snatched up within days of being listed with multiple offers and we would’ve been overwhelmed without their guidance. Next they worked closely with the sellers agents to take care of all the paperwork, lining up inspectors, setting up the home warranty, and getting us all the DocuSign forms on time. They know all the steps and the order to be completed and could do it all quickly and easily but they also took the time to explain all the nuances and quirks and Real Estate jargon that initially went over our heads. They truly have the hearts of teachers and wanted us to feel comfortable and confident in all the micro decisions that need to be made in the buying process. They even helped us understand parts of the process that didn’t involve them like our mortgage loan and when to pay property taxes (if you can’t tell yet we were first time home buyers). Once the ink was dry and we were starting to move in we still got calls and texts from Justin, just checking in to make sure everything was going smoothly. I’m sure if I called him and asked he would’ve helped us move himself. It’s been almost 6 months now and I just got another follow up, there’s nothing in it for them anymore, the deal is long done, but they seriously care about us. So yeah, doesn’t seem like an exaggeration anymore to say that we literally wouldn’t be in our home without the help of the Ratowsky Real Estate Group. Thanks again guys.

Angelica K.

Ok, listen up people. I wish I was a professional author. So that I could give Ratowsky the enormous credit that he deserves. Renters destroyed my home. Craig Ratowsky helped me find all the right contractors needed to get my house in shape to sell. Craig provided a contactor to finish the details that we could not deal with. He knew people that knew people. He knew contractors that could whip out a project in a blink of an eye. He knew Realtor® rules land is knowledgeable on so many ways. He got my home listed with zero pressure. Was patient with my anxiety and my husband felt like he listened carefully to each need. My home sold with his assistance in 2 days at a price I never thought we could get. He delt with the buyers with kindness but firmness. I always felt he protected our interest above all. Craig helped me stage my house by gently suggesting the right decorations and changes. Always nudging us with gentleness to achieve the "look" a home needs. I wish we could clone him. By the time I sold my last 5 homes I wanted to throttle my agents. By the time I sold this home, I wanted to adopt Craig. He treated me like I would treat my mother. With the utmost respect and kindness. I even got the most beautiful bouquet of flowers for my birthday. It was like family helping family. I just wish he lived in Oregon so that he could sell my next home.


I met Craig in September when I became serious about moving to Huntington Beach from Sherman Oaks. He put me on the listing book emails which I received daily with new listings and changes. I was diligent about checking every day and at night I would search Realtor®.com. We looked at one I thought had potential, but timing wasn't right. I my in 2 weeks in March and did a short escrow with a 30 day rent. Since September I had not seen one I felt I wanted to make an offer on. I started booking appointments to see apartments on a Saturday. On Friday, a came on the market that I was interested in. Craig and I went to see it that weekend. I knew it was for me. There was a lot of traffic during, so we had a feeling there would be multiple offers. The owners were taking offers the following Wednesday and I believe besides mine there were 6 others. I told Craig he had to get me this. He had a great strategy and I ended up getting it. His experience and knowledge definitely played a big part. So I did not have to put my stuff in storage and rent an apartment. I still look on the sites all the time and I have yet to actually see an I would buy. I would still be in an apartment. On top of everything, Craig is a really nice man. I highly recommend him.

Jacob H.

The Ratowsky group is the best, bar none. I have used Craig and Justin to buy and sell a few different houses and they are always overly prepared with information to help you get the best deal. Not only that, they know the market so well, especially Huntington Beach, that they usually know about houses before they hit the market so you can be first in line to make an offer. My first experience with Craig was my first time buying a house. He actually picked me up in his car and drove me to visit 6 houses that he had lined up for us. He had all the information on each house put together in a bound presentation format to make it easier on us to see the features and benefits of each house. This is the kind of personal touch he and Justin use with every client. They won't just be your agent, they will be your advocate to make sure you make a wise decision and get the best deal possible. I highly recommend.

Michelle M.

Craig was recommended to me by a good friend. Craig had helped several members of their family and friends to buy and sell homes. I was living in Sherman Oaks and he drove up there to see my house and what I was looking for in a home. He was very professional and really wanted to find me everything I was looking for. I had not seen many homes I liked and was about to put my stuff in storage and rent an apartment. This home came on the market and Craig and I went to the open house which had so many people there. I wanted that house and Craig used all of his experience and skills to negotiate with the sellers. There were seven offers and I ended up getting the home and still living here today. I would highly recommend Craig to anyone buying or selling. He's been in the area a long time and his expertise, experience and professionalism makes him a terrific agent.

Debbie & Josiah H.

When it came to buy our dream home in Huntington Beach there was only choice and one team. Craig Ratowsky and his son Justin Ratowsky. Buying a house when you are out of state is extremely stressful. We have worked with Craig Ratowsky on two prior transactions and he never disappointed. Craig and Justin Ratowsky always looked for the best interest of our family and what our “wants” were and not their “needs”. We truly appreciated their honesty with every house we looked at via email or in person. Negotiating is their area of expertise. They knew the market and showed us the facts. They are both attentive to the details of both parties. Both Justin and Craig were on top of every appointment, transaction, and made sure our family did not just find a house but a home. In Craig and Justin we trust.

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