Buyer Questionnaire

We really appreciate you answering a few quick questions so we can better prepare for our consultation meeting and be best prepared to help you with the home buying process.

Anyone else involved in the decision-making process?
What are your reasons and motivation for wanting to buy a home?
Have you written any offers or seen any property in person yet?
What are your long-term real estate goals, if any?
Anticipated Price Range?, Cash Purchasing or Financing?, Pre-approved?, Amount of Down payment available?
We can recommend experienced, local lenders if you’d like a referral.
Lender name and company.
Tell us about the home you want to buy. e.g. Neighborhoods, type of property (single-family, condo, TIC, loft, multi-unit), investment or to live in, minimum # bedrooms and bathrooms, ~ square footage, general condition (totally remodeled and move-in ready, dated/cosmetic improvements needed, total fixer-upper, etc.). If you don’t know exactly what you want or what your budget gets you, that’s OK too! We can discuss and help you narrow the focus.
What are must-have features for your new home? If you had to compromise, what could you live without?*
What are you looking for in a buyer agent?
Who else are you interviewing as a potential buyer agent?
When are you meeting with agents?
Any additional comments, questions, or things we should know about?