Seller Questionnaire

We have a few questions for you....

Before we begin, we really appreciate you answering a few questions so we can better understand your needs prior to our consultation meeting to be best prepared to help you with the home selling process. Thank you!
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There are a lot of Great Agents out there. Why Craig?
Tell us about your situation. Motivations? Why Now? Ideal timing?
If this is your primary residence, where are you moving to, and will you be buying another property? If so, must you sell before buying?* (It's OK if you don't have all of the answers quite yet. We can talk through next steps.)
Do you plan to move out or live in the home during the marketing period? What is your ideal scenario?*
Is this your first time selling a home?*
Have you worked with an agent before (like when you purchased your home)?
How was your experience — good, bad, neutral?*
Property Details* Neighborhood, Type (Single Family, Condo, Multi Unit, # of Bedrooms, # of Bathrooms, Square Footage, Parking, General Style and condition Occupancy (Vacant, Tenant, Owner)?
Any recent updates or remodeling?*
Anticipated price range?*
How did you arrive at your sense of market value?*
What do you love about your property?*
What might need work before going on the market?*
How do you feel about professional home staging?*
Do you have any specific concerns about your property or the process of selling?*
What qualities or attributes are you looking for in a listing agent?*
Who else are you interviewing with?
Any additional comments, questions, or things we should know about?